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Meet The Team

Our team is based in Yardley, PA and we have a passion for spreading financial security and peace of mind by providing leading edge wealth management and education.

“If you're ready to take control and start planning for success, you need our straightforward, friendly, no-nonsense financial firm in your corner!”

Michael J. GarryFounder and CEO
Image of Michael J. Garry, Esquire, CFP®, MBA Founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management standing outside on the porch at the YWM office

Michael J. Garry

Esquire, CFP®, MBA, Founder and CEO

Maureen Donahue, CFP®, stands confidently at the entrance of Yardley Wealth Management, located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She's wearing a black blazer with a red blouse, standing against a dark blue door with a white frame. Sporting glasses, her light brown hair frames her face, and she greets visitors with a big smile. As an esteemed employee of the firm, her expertise and dedication reflect the commitment to excellence upheld by Yardley Wealth Management.

Maureen Donahue

Financial Advisor and CFP®

Image of Karen Lynch, Chief Operating Officer at Yardley Wealth Management

Karen Lynch

Chief Operating Officer

Image of staff member Sandra Austin, Client Service & Operations Specialist at Yardley Wealth Management

Sandra Austin

Client Service & Operations Specialist

Image of Rachel Garry, team member and Principal at YWM

Rachel Garry


Madison DeMora, a podcast producer and marketing assistant, stands by the dark blue door of Yardley Wealth Management in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Her blonde hair and blue eyes contrast against the door, while she wears a crisp white shirt, exuding professionalism.

Madison DeMora

Marketing Assistant & Podcast Producer

Luke Garry

Chief Security Officer

Linc Garry

Chief Snacks Officer

Xena Lynch

Chief Canine Officer