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Discover expert advice from Michael J. Garry, CFP, featured in Investopedia! Learn the importance of open communication in first meetings with a financial advisor. Get insights on setting goals, discussing fees, and building a successful partnership. Click here to read the full Investopedia article.

In the latest episode of the Balanced Growth Show, Michael and Dr. Travis G. Parry explore the concept of balancing personal well-being with business success. Michael highlights the critical role this balance plays in achieving sustained success in both domains. Tune in to the complete episode by clicking here.

Listen in on Mike’s conversation with Jess Bost on The Breakthrough Factor Podcast about starting his own RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) on a shoestring budget. Click here to listen to the full episode:

Michael Garry joins the Sunset Seeker podcast to talk about how to retire early while avoiding taxes and predatory advisors. Listen to the full podcast by clicking the link


Michael points out that when thinking about the last recession or the current economic slowdown, “The biggest thing is to keep the long-term perspective that recessions and bear markets are both necessary and temporary.” Read more of this encouraging article here.

Michael discusses his journey to becoming an advisor, who Yardley Wealth Management’s ideal clients are, and what the most common mistakes clients make that Michael helps them avoid on the RIA podcast! The podcast can be listened to in its entirety by clicking here. 

Dollar Scholar Asks: Will Reading Shareholder Reports Help Me Invest Smarter?

In this article, Michael Garry discusses how Annual reports sum up the state of the company, but be wary — their intent is to entice shareholders and “make themselves look good,” Garry adds. For more objective, detailed information, I may want to look at the document public companies are required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read the full article here.

During the Financial Advisor’s Workshop with Brian Kasal, Mike shares how he built his practice Yardley Wealth Management from $0 to $100 Million. Click here to listen.

In this INSIDER article, Michael J. Garry breaks down the seven signs that you may need a financial planner immediately. Visit for full article.

In this Financial Advisor Magazine article, Michael discusses misconceptions about rules and taxes when giving and loaning to friends and family. Click here to read the full article.

Michael discusses identifying and achieving goals in life in this CEO World piece. You can read this inspiring article here.

Have you ever wondered if keeping your retirement money at a former employer has any drawbacks?
Michael discusses this topic in the New York Times article “What to Know About Rolling Over Retirement Accounts.” Click here to read the full article.

Although young people may not feel the need to prioritize saving for retirement, choosing to save early is one of the most important pieces of advice, Michael discusses in an article by Go Banking Rates. Click the link to read the full article by clicking here

Michael discusses the labor market and savings accumulated during the pandemic in a recent article titled “Credit cards at 20%, mortgages near 6%: the Fed rate hikes are already having an impact” by Bloomberg. Read full article here.

What if you could cut through the confusion to finally feel confident and in control of your finances? As part of this educational Q&A with Christopher Hamman from E-Crypto News, Michael discusses his new book, The Smart Person’s Guide to Financial Planning & Investments: A Simple and Straightforward Approach to Understanding Your Personal Finances, and much more. The full article can be found here.

In the most recent article by Finacial Advisor, “Clock Is Ticking For Midyear Tax Moves,” Michael discusses how wealthy clients are still worried that taxes will go up in the future, especially once they have to take Social Security. Read the full article here. 

thirdAGE logo

Michael’s most recent article in thirdAGE explores Why Wives Must Get Involved in the Family’s Money. By getting involved in your family’s finances now, you can avoid being that 65-year-old woman who entrusted her husband with decades of her earnings, only to learn that there is nothing to split in your pending divorce. Read the full article here.

In this May 13th, 2022 article from Investors Business Daily, Michael discusses “Seven Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Financial Advisor.” To read the full article, click here.

Market Watch Opinion Piece: I’m a financial adviser, and I’d discourage you from putting bitcoin in your 401(k)
In this May 2, 2022 piece, Mike discusses how he does not currently see a case for buying bitcoin as an investment. Click here to read the full article.

Michael tackles the topic of when to give inheritance money to your kids. Is it better to help your children when you’re still alive? Or wait until after you die? He discusses this topic on SiriusXM’s Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM radio. Original airdate May 6th, 2021. Listen to the interview here

When to Give Inheritance Money to Your Kids
Is it better to help your children when you’re still alive? Or wait until after you die?

Is it better to help your children when you’re still alive? Or wait until after you die? In this Wall Street Journal article, Michael discusses that before doling out money parents need to make sure they have enough resources to cover their own long-term financial needs. Read the full article here 

Suburban Life Magazine

Michael J. Garry, CFP®, AIF®, knows all about the importance of planning and the risks of going without. As the founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management LLC, Garry has spent most of his adult life helping individuals and families plan for the future. Michael has opened a new office on Main Street in Yardley, PA. Read Michael’s article with Suburban Life Magazine on “Looking Ahead!” 

Logocly Podcast

On this Logocly podcast Michael discusses how he came to be an advisor and how he uses the Logicly platform when building and maintaining client portfolios. Click below to listen to the full podcast.

A Lawyer Became an Advisor. Now He Runs 2 Firms.

Think Advisor did a profile on Michael and some of the challenges of running two firms and the pandemic. Read more here 

Daily Times logo

5 Steps for Creating a Financial Plan From Yardley Wealth Management

Given these extraordinary events and the fact that year-end 2020 and new year 2021 are likely to remain volatile, Michael Garry, CFP®, AIF®, attorney and founder of Yardley Wealth Management, LLC, urges investors to take a hard look at their personal finances and investments and devise a plan, because the uncertainty of the markets is the only thing that remains constant. Read more here

Advisors Concerned As Covid Speeds Projected Social Security Shortfall

With Social Security trust funds projected to run short of money in 2031 as a result of the impact of the lingering Covid shutdown, some financial advisors are rerunning clients’ retirement projections to prepare for benefit cuts, while others doubt politicians would go through with such a move. Michael Garry of Yardley Wealth, who falls in the second camp, is quoted by Tracey Longo in “Advisors Concerned As Covid Speeds Projected Social Security Shortfall” in Financial Advisor Magazine. Read the full article here

Mindset Mastery

In Episode #5 of Mindset Mastery, “Anything is Possible”, Marie Swift speaks with Michael Garry, CFP®, AIF®, MBA/JD, Founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that provides financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management services to approximately 120 clients.

In a nutshell: Michael Garry built his independent financial advisory firm from zero to $100 Million AUM through sheer grit and determination. He tells us how he is keeping in touch and building rapport with clients as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, how he keeps his mindset strong as we continue to “walk through the wind”, and why he decided to take on the Ironman challenge (Bonus: how the financial planning process is similar to participating in an Ironman event). Listen in as Michael shares his story and encourages us to keep our mental focus sharp, especially during these trying times.

How to Rethink Your Budget With Just One Income

When asked “My spouse recently lost a job. What first steps should we take?” Michael Garry answered, if the spouse who lost a job didn’t voluntarily resign, they should apply for unemployment benefits immediately. Who qualifies, and for how much and how long, may vary from state to state. Generally, if someone was working for a company and lost a job through no fault of their own, they will likely qualify. Apply right away because it might take some time to start receiving benefits. Click here for entire article.

The Advisor Alpha Opportunity

Michael provides his insights on the best practices for setting tolerances for rebalancing client portfolios. Click here to read his excerpted comments.

My Wife Lost Her Job. Now, We’re a Single Income Family. How Can We Make This Work?

In this new Fatherly article Michael explains how you should get a handle on what you’re spending, he suggests going back six months to track your expenditures and how using a budgeting app may help!
Read the full article here

Advisor Tech Survey

Michael is cited in this year‘s Financial Planning Tech Survey; which suggests a growing number of advisors are concluding that financial planning software is not the silver bullet they’d hoped. In the recent survey, Michael explains how he is rebalancing these days.

Smart Shopping Tips When Choosing The Latest Fintech Solutions

Find out why Michael follows a multistep process when assessing new tech purchases for his firm. Click here to read the full article

RIA Logo

The Quarter of Reckoning at Dimensional Fund Advisors — And Not the One You Think

Since he started his own RIA in 2006, Yardley Wealth Management near Philadelphia, Michael Garry has used Dimensional funds. Click here to read the full article 

Snappy Kraken’s New ‘Personal Connection Video’ Tool a Game-Changer for Financial Advisors

In this latest press release via the Martech series Michael discusses how Snappy Kraken allows him to spread good information, connect with more people, and reassure current clients while protecting my own time and energy is a good thing!

28 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names

Michael was recently featured in the article by Mercy – CBNation titled “28 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names,” where he discusses how Yardley Wealth Management got its name!

Holistiplan Helps Financial Advisors Reassure Clients and Find Planning Opportunities

In this press release Michael Garry, CFP®, JD/MBA at Yardley Wealth Management, LLC discusses being a huge fan of Holistiplan. “Co-founders, Roger Pine, CFA®, CFP®, Kevin Lozer, CFP®  and the team at Holistiplan is constantly upgrading the software using feedback from fellow advisors to improve the product. These guys have walked in our shoes and have built a solution for advisors, by advisors.”

Michael Garry on Your Money with Kent Smetters

Michael Garry, Managing Member and Chief Compliance Officer at Yardley Wealth Management talks with Your Money host Kent Smetters on Business Radio, SiriusXM 132

It’s Time To Create An Estate Plan To Take Advantage Of The Big Tax Exemption

Michael was recently featured in the CNBC article, “It’s time to create an estate plan to take advantage of the big tax exemption,” where Michael shares strategies like how to balance the need for estate planning with what’s good for your business!

Investor’s Business Daily – When Advisors Get Personal: Helping Clients Through Tough Times

In the article “When Advisors Get Personal: Helping Clients Through Tough Times”, Michael explains that with age comes wisdom and that over his 20 years as an advisor, he has learned not to jump at every opportunity to dish out personal advice. Instead, he will respond with compassion without rendering a verdict. Click here to read full article 

Bucks County Courier Times Article On The Retirement Crisis

In the article “Three In 10 Local Households Have No Retirement Savings, Records Show”, Michael gives guidance on how workers at various stages of their career can save for retirement.

Fortune Article On Portfolio Diversification

Michael was featured in a article titled “Is Your Stock Portfolio Too ‘Plain Vanilla’?” discussing portfolio diversification

Investopedia’s 100 Most Influential Financial Advisor

Michael was recently named in’s 100 most influential financial advisors list. He is both excited and thankful to receive this honor.

Appearance On Kent On Money

Anybody who has Sirius and wants to call in and stump the chump, I’ll be on Kent Smetters’ show on Tuesday, November 29th from about 5:20 to 6:20 pm. The show is “Your Money” and it’s on The Business Radio Channel (SiriusXM 111) from 5 to 7 pm Tuesday evenings. Yes, it is a call-in show. Article- Why Baby Boomers Need To Boost Retirement Income By @ellenychang

In the article “Why Baby Boomers Need to Boost Retirement Income“, Michael talks about taking advantage of tax strategies to boost income.

money_logo Article- Should You Cosign For Your Kid’s College Loans?

Michael was featured in an article in’s Money section about paying for your kid’s college loans. You can find the link to the article here.

CreditCard Guide Article- Money Lessons Learned From ‘Downton Abbey’

In the article “Money Lessons Learned from Downton Abbey,” Michael talks with Susan Taylor about the money lessons featured in the hit PBS show.

Chicago Tribune Article- “How To Protect Retirement Assets From Stock Market Volatility”

Michael was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune Article by Janet Stewart called “How to protect retirement assets from stock market volatility” about the importance of Asset Allocation and Retirement. Article- “How To Combat The Biggest Retirement Threats Baby Boomers Face”

Michael was recently mentioned in the article “How to Combat the Biggest Retirement Threats Baby Boomers Face” on Throughout the article Michael gives his advice to current and future retirees with pressing questions about retirement.

Chicago Tribune Article – How To Choose A Financial Advisor Who’s Right For You By @spendingsmart

In the article “How to Choose a Financial Advisor Who’s Right for You,” Michael spoke with Gregory Karp from the Chicago Tribune.  In it, he discusses the importance of choosing an advisor who is a fiduciary and gives advice on determining whether an advisor is the right fit for you.

Business Insider Article – “Financial Planners Explain How Endurance Sports Make Them Better With Money”

In Cathie Ericson’s article, “Financial Planners Explain How Endurance Sports Make Them Better With Money” on, Michael discusses the similarities between athletic training and successful financial planning. Article By @gregdaugherty1

On January 20, 2015, Michael contributed to Greg Dougerty’s article entitled, “How to Create a Rainy-Day Fund,” in which he suggests goals for saving and how to achieve those goals.

USA Today Article By @nancihellmich

Michael had the pleasure of speaking to Nanci Hellmich from USA Today recently. She wrote an article that was published on USA Today’s website and in the USA Today newspaper titled, “How to Find the Right Financial Adviser.” In the interview with Nanci, Michael answered specific questions such as “what should people look for in a financial planner?” and “how do you find the right financial planner?” In addition, Michael explained why fee-only independent financial planners do not have a financial incentive to sell you products that you do not need. Click on the image below to read Michael’s interview that was published on USA Today’s website.


Interview With Lindsay Gellman From The Wall Street Journal By @lindsaygellman

Michael was mentioned in an article written by Lindsay Gellman from the Wall Street Journal called “Essential Financial Steps for Young Workers: Six Things to Do Within Your First Five Years on the Job”. In this article, Michael discusses the benefits of adjusting your withholding during tax season. Michael states, “While some people enjoy the forced savings and seeming windfall that over-withholding can provide, it amounts to an interest-free loan to the government.”


 Michael’s Article With Ehow Money By @urbanmusewriter

eHow Money

Michael was mentioned in an article written by Susan Johnston for eHow Money called “6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Financial Planner”. In this article, Michael mentions how financial advisors often have different types of certifications. He recommends finding an advisor who is a CFP® Certificant. Michael comments, “I like it because it’s a good educational background and people have to uphold certain ethical standards,” “It’s not tied to any specific industry.”

Michael’s Interview With Felicia Shepherd From Finesse’d With Felicia

Michael had the pleasure of speaking with Felicia Shepherd from FiNeSse’d with Felicia on Tuesday evening. On the show, Michael talked with Felicia about the topic of financial planning and explained the importance of finding and choosing the right financial planner. In addition, Michael mentioned the significance of increasing the ROI of your child’s college education.

From Michael’s Blog
5 Ways to Make Sure a College Education Pays Off was run on and then in turn was picked up by Fox Business and Yahoo! Finance.


Michael wrote an article posted on “” called 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your College Investment. In this article, Michael explains that it is important to choose a college major that seems interesting, but is also financially profitable. Michael advises students to come up with plan early, and to take required courses in the beginning of their college career. He also explains the importance of coming up with a financial plan; students should not be afraid of taking on debt, as long as it is repayable in the near future.

Interview With Janet Stewart From The Chicago Tribune

On May 25th, 2014, Michael was quoted in Janet Stewart’s column in the Chicago Tribune discussing the issue of how paying for your child’s college education often interferes with your retirement goals. While many parents do not want to burden their children with a large amount of college debt, Michael argues that you can’t let it impact your retirement. In addition, Michael insists that parents should encourage their children to choose a college major that will fulfill their career aspirations while doing all they can to make sure it has a practical value in the job market.


Michael Garry’s Interview On The Marilu Henner Show

On May 23rd, Michael was thrilled to speak with Marilu Henner on her show introducing his new book “Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Choosing the Right Financial Planner.” In this interview, Michael discussed the necessary steps to finding and choosing the right financial planner and he answered other financial questions Marilu asked him. He also explains that even if you do not have a lot of money, working with a Certified Financial Planner can improve your financial position.

Michael’s Interview With Credit Sesame Daily

On May 23rd, Naomi Mannino from Credit Sesame Daily interviewed Michael Garry, discussing the topic of home mortgages in an article titled “Are You Missing Out on the Wealth-Building Powers of a Mortgage? Michael explains to Naomi “younger generations have been shying away from home mortgages due to ongoing student loan debt and difficulty finding employment.” Michael indicates that if done correctly, homeownership can become a very significant wealth-building tool.


102.3 Kxyl Radio Interview With Brian Wade And Leland Acker

On May 19th, Michael spoke with KXYL Radio in Brownwood, Texas where he introduced his book “Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner.” In this interview, Michael offers important advice about finding and choosing the right independent financial planner. He also stresses the significance of choosing the right asset allocation based on your age and retirement needs. Click on the link to the left, scroll down, and on the right side of your screen click on “Monday at 7:10am”.

Main Street – “You Might Be A Completely Unrealistic Investor”

On May 14th, 2014, Michael spoke with Naomi Mannino from Main Street News about investors with unrealistic expectations and why talking to an investment professional about your financial situation is a good idea.  In the article, “You Might Be a Completely Unrealistic Investor,” Michael makes suggestions for how to define your financial goals and how to achieve a balanced asset allocation that will help you meet them.

Wils 1320

1320 Wils Interview With Michael Cohen

Interview with Michael Cohen

On May 12th, 2014, Michael participated in a radio interview with Michael Cohen on 1320 WILS about his new book, “Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner.”   Topics of discussion included how to determine if a financial planner is competent and right for your financial goals, tips on saving for retirement, and asset allocation strategies.


Armstrong Williams Show

On May 8th, Michael spoke with Armstrong Williams and his frequent guests the “Elder Chicks” on Mr. Williams’s radio show on Sirius.  Michael talked about his book “Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner.” He also spoke about investments and the importance of planning for retirement. Michael mentioned the significance of saving money from a young age and preparing for your retirement by contributing to your 401k.

Vanguard – “Don’t Hesitate To Spend In Retirement”

Recently Michael had the opportunity to talk with John Fried, writing for Vanguard, about a somewhat unusual topic – some people are unnecessarily frugal in retirement. It’s definitely not the norm, but we do see it. Some of you may see yourselves in the article.

Consumer Reports – “Financial Resolutions Worth Keeping”

In December 2013, Michael was quoted in a Consumer Reports article discussing the issue of credit card debt and the benefits of eliminating your mortgage by the time you retire.

Financial Resolutions Worth Keeping And Yahoo! Finance – “6 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Financial Advisor”

In May 2013, Michael was a guest contributor to the website, where he wrote about the importance of asking prospective advisors the right questions in order to find one that is qualified and with whom you feel comfortable. This article was later picked up by Yahoo! Finance.

6 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor –
6 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor – Yahoo Finance


Adviceiq And The Street – “Don’t Need An Advisor, Huh?”

In this article, Michael notes that simply reading a book does not qualify an individual to create their own financial plan and discusses the importance of using a financial advisor for your financial planning needs. It was initially run by AdviceIQ and was later picked up by The Street and renamed “Yes, You Really Need a Financial Advisor.”

Yes, You Really Need a Financial Advisor – Challenges For Advisors: Compliance, Recruiting, Tech By @vicrek

Michael is quoted in this article by Victor Reklaitis, which talks about the top challenges that Financial Advisors face today.

Challenges For Advisors: Compliance, Recruiting, Tech


Daily Worth – “Behind On Your Savings? (That Would Be Most Of Us)”

Michael worked with Ellen Welty on this article about trying to catch up on savings before retirement. It was ran on Daily Worth, which is the leading multi-platform financial media company for women who want more.

Behind on Your Savings? (That Would Be Most of Us)

Wall Street Journal – “Even As A ‘Cliff’ Approaches, The Best Move May Be No Move At All”

Michael was quoted by Jonnelle Marte of the Wall Street Journal in the November 27, 2012 edition of the paper. They discussed the fact that the best thing to do to prepare for the fiscal cliff as an investor may be no move at all. Even as a ‘Cliff’ Approaches, the Best Move May Be No Move at All

Philadelphia Magazine

Michael was named a 2013, 2012 and 2010 FIVE STAR Wealth ManagerSM and was listed as such in the November issue of Philadelphia Magazine in each of those years.


Wall Street Journal – “U.S.S., U.S.A., U.S.A.!” By @daisymaxey

In this article in the Wall Street Journal, Michael spoke to Daisy Maxey about how Financial Advisors get their clients to overcome their fears of investing in foreign markets. The article appeared in the April 30th issue of the paper.

“U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!”

Wall Street Journal – “What Should You Do Now?”

Michael was one of four financial advisers in the United States invited by the Wall Street Journal to participate in its 2011 Adviser Roundtable. The article appeared in the December 13th issue of the paper.

“What Should You Do Now?”

Fox 29 Wtxf – Good Day Philadelphia

Michael was featured on Good Day Philadelphia with Jenn Frederick on Fox 29 WTXF, where he discussed ways to save on taxes.

Yahoo Finance – “7 Easy Ways To Mess Up Retirement”

In February’s E-Newsletter, Michael mentioned that he had the good fortune to be quoted in the February 2012 edition of the Consumer Reports Money Advisor in an article by their Retirement Guy, Greg Daugherty. Well, now Greg and Michael have both had the good fortune of having the article get picked up by Yahoo Finance and having it spend a week on its front page. It is called “7 Easy Ways to Mess up Retirement” and you can still find it in the Yahoo Finance retirement section:

7 Easy Ways to Mess up Retirement

Financial Advisor Magazine – “State Of Affairs” 

In the February 2012 issue of Financial Advisor Magazine, Michael spoke to Gail Liberman about estate and inheritance taxes.

State of Affairs

Bucks County Courier Times – “Feeling Confident, Big Spender?” By @frattik

Michael discussed the surge in retail spending from Black Friday through Cyber Monday with his favorite Bucks County Courier Times columnist, Kate Fratti. She used some of the discussions in her column appearing in December 2011.

Wall Street Journal – “Home Bargains Abound, But Willing Lenders Are Rare Breed” By @aandriotis

Michael had a nice opportunity to speak with AnnaMaria Andriotis, a reporter at about the rise in alternative lending. In addition to the intra-family loans that Michael spoke with her about, she discussed some peer-to-peer and social networking lending sites that have become much more popular in recent months. The column ran in the Wall St. Journal and you can view it here:

Home Bargains Abound, but Willing Lenders are Rare Breed

Money Magazine

Money Magazine – “Invest Like A Man” By @mpdunleavey

Michael appeared in an article in the November 2010 issue of Money Magazine by MP Dunleavey. The article was on financial planning and investing differences between the genders and can be found below.

Invest Like a Man

Money Magazine

Money Magazine – “What To Do When Your Pension Is Frozen” By @mpdunleavey

In this article in the June 2010 issue of Money Magazine, Michael discusses with M.P. Dunleavey the options that employees have if their pensions are frozen. He also supplied the numbers for the chart showing how much additional savings would be needed to make up the shortfall at different ages.

What To Do When Your Pension Is Frozen

Consumer Reports Money Adviser – “Will You Spend Less, More, Or About The Same After You Retire?”

In this article in the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports Money Adviser, Michael discusses with “Retirement Guy” Greg Daugherty how to figure out how much you’ll need to retire. You can also see parts of the article re-purposed for the Consumer Reports Money Blog.

Consumer Reports Money Blog.

CNN Money – “Financial Planners Fight Madoff Taint” By @mrswrite

In this column from December 2009, on, Michael discusses working as a financial advisor in the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Financial Planners Fight Madoff Taint

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