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Not Just Numbers Podcast with Mike & Maddie.

For most of us, financial planning and investing are intimidating and overwhelming subjects. There are so many elements to consider and so much information from a seemingly endless sea of voices. What if you could cut through the confusion to finally feel confident and in control of your finances? It’s time to get smart about money. In the Not Just Numbers Podcast, you will hear Mike and Maddie have honest conversations about financial concepts and situations you might be facing right now, rules and best practices for you to follow, and how to make sense of the financial media – what you really need to know. You will also hear local Yardley and Bucks County businesspeople talk about their businesses, their successes, and their challenges.

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If you're looking to improve your financial knowledge and take control of your finances, I highly recommend the Not Just Numbers podcast hosted by financial advisor Michael Garry. He is engaging and knowledgeable, offering practical advice and actionable tips. After listening to the first episode about handling family money after a loved one dies, I felt inspired to improve my financial knowledge in my relationship.
This podcast is both educational and inspiring!

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