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Spreading financial security and peace of mind by providing leading edge wealth management and education

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Yardley Wealth Management

Who We Are

The independence you deserve as an independent, fee-only financial planning firm, Yardley Wealth Management is positioned to tailor investment and retirement strategies solely around your unique objectives. With no products to sell, commissions to attain, or quotas to meet, you can be sure that every piece of advice you receive is in your best interests. As a Fiduciary working with your assets and offering financial recommendations, Yardley Wealth Management is held to the principle that your goals always come first—and drive your financial planning process.

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Our Process

We start by helping you to identify your needs. Tell us your goals and vision for your future, as well as your concerns. We’ll analyze all of your information, and provide you with a specific, detailed plan telling you exactly what we think you should do.

Our Beliefs

We invest primarily in index funds and funds that are very much like index funds. We don’t believe in market timing or stock selection or trying to beat the markets by guessing what will happen tomorrow.

Our Costs

Since we are independent and fee-only, we have no products to sell you except our advice. That means if you do need a financial product, like a mortgage or insurance, we can guide you through your purchase decision.

My Book

Let’s face it—financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There’s more information than you can possibly sort through, and too many voices telling you what to do with it.

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Our approach is authentic and straightforward watch Michael Garry discuss how Yardley Wealth Management is the right choice to guide your financial journey forward.

A Personal Approach

Understanding your unique financial needs is where our financial advisors excel, by creating a personalized plan with highly competitive investment products and dedicated service, we empower clients to identify goals, but take consistent action toward achieving them.

In The Press

Yardley Wealth Management

Listen to Founder and CEO Michael Garry as he joins Marie Swift to discuss how "Anything is Possible" even in such uncertain times.

In Episode #5 of Mindset Mastery, “Anything is Possible”, Marie Swift speaks with Michael Garry, CFP®, AIF®, MBA/JD, Founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that provides financial planning, retirement planning and investment management services to approximately 120 clients.

In a nutshell: Michael Garry built his independent financial advisory firm from zero to $100 Million AUM through sheer grit and determination. He tells us how he is keeping in touch and building rapport with clients as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, how he keeps his mindset strong as we continue to “walk through the wind”, and why he decided to take on the Ironman challenge (Bonus: how the financial planning process is similar to participating in an Ironman event). Listen in as Michael shares his story and encourages us to keep our mental focus sharp, especially during these trying times.

Michael J. Garry, Esquire, CFP®, MBA