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If you’re looking for someone to manage your investments, advise you on tax strategies, and maybe help you with your cashflow, then give us a call.

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When we decided we needed a financial advisor, we received a recommendation from a friend for Yardley Wealth Management, and we have had a great relationship with them since the beginning. Mike Garry and his team helped us consolidate our various investments, provided estate planning, and continue to manage our investments and financial needs. We think they do a great job and are very pleased with their services. They are knowledgeable, professional, accessible - Mike has always been available to meet, is very friendly and easy to work with - and easy to communicate with. He is a fiduciary advisor and we have found his suggestions and recommendations to be excellent.
We would highly recommend his services to all.

Dave CoatsVia Google Reviews

We read Mike's book in 2015, regarding choosing a financial planner.
We agreed with all of his points about hiring a fiduciary Certified Financial Planner, then were fortunate to discover that his office was local to us which was an added plus! Our previous experience was with a firm that continually explained why he wasn't hitting benchmarks! We met with Mike and felt very comfortable with him managing our assets. We have worked with Mike since 2016 and have always found him to be professional, personable and truthful in all our dealings. Mike has provided excellent guidance in handling our assets since we began working with him. We would highly recommend Mike Garry .

Steven SemblerVia Google Reviews

My wife and I have been clients of Michael Garry and the Yardley Wealth Management Team since 2012. He has handled our financial needs well and seamlessly and is always extremely professional as is the entire Team. His advice and knowledge of our vision and current trends are proof to us that we have chosen wisely with Michael as our financial advisor. We are always happy to recommend him to friends and family in need of advice, and his books and you tube guidance have been helpful tools in general for navigating financial waters. We continue to look forward to working with Michael and Team as we head toward ‘the golden years’. Thanks Mike, for all you have done and for never being too busy to let your clients know you care.

Ken AroldVia Google Reviews

My wife and I have been working with Michael and his staff at Yardley Wealth Management since they started in 2006. Michael’s advice has helped us in so many ways. From setting up 529’s for our children, helping us develop wills, retirement planning and making dreams come true. Michael is always professional, down to earth and responsive. He does an excellent job explaining everything and provides examples that you can relate you. He understands what your wishes are and provides the correct advice for each scenario. I wouldn't trust my portfolio with anyone else and have recommended Michael to friends and family! My children and grandchildren will be better off because of the advice Michael and his team have provided.

Tom PileggiVia Google Reviews

We have been loyal customers of Yardley Wealth Management since 2018. Because of the expert financial and legal advice we have received our assets have dramatically improved. We are now both retired, and living very comfortably under an expense formula that they helped us create. Mike Garry and his great staff have been with us all the way. Joining their group was a life-changing decision for us.

Eric BownVia Google Reviews

My family and I became a client of Mike's when he first started the business back in 2006. Mike and his team do an excellent job explaining their retirement investment strategy and estate planning documents in an easy to understand fashion for someone like myself not in the same business. I appreciate all the stress he has taken out of my family's life in pulling our assets together and managing them for us. TRUST is the most important part of any relationship, and I wouldn't trust my assets with anyone else!

William FranchiVia Google Reviews

My wife and I are longtime clients of Yardley Wealth. Mike and his team do a fantastic job of managing our investments. Over the years, Mike has given us advice on setting ourselves up for the future, including retirement, business and personal taxes, setting up 529’s for our sons, and more. Yardley Wealth helped us navigate the economic downturn of the late 00’s when everyone else around us was losing their heads. Even during the past 6 months when the economy has been rocky, Yardley Wealth has been there to help us minimize our losses and put is in position for growth in the future. They are trusted professionals who put their clients first.

Johnny MastinVia Google Reviews

I would give more than five stars, if I could. Ignore the troll - we've been with Yardley Wealth Management since before we had any type of wealth to manage, and it's the single best financial decision we've ever made. Mike demystifies some dense subject matter with the greatest of ease, and treats you like family. He and his team super personable, always responsive, and ready with sound advice whenever you need it.

Don't expect him to make you rich quickly; anyone promising this is a financial quack, and should be avoided. That said, we're quite happy with the performance of the assets he is managing for us. He's not there to sell you anything; he is there to help you p

Peter SpauldingVia Google Reviews

My wife and I have used Mike's services for 15 years and have used both financial and legal services. We have been very happy for his attentiveness and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is in need of a financial advisor. He has been very thorough and accessible.

James ScammellVia Google Reviews

Friendly, professional staff, and atmosphere! Very attentive to all my requests and needs. They have gone above and beyond on a handful of occasions.

Brad McCarthyVia Google Reviews

My husband and I have been working with Mike at Yardley Wealth Management for about 10 years and find him to always be very friendly, professional and extremely helpful with all our retirement and financial needs. Unlike commission-based financial planners where you don't necessarily know if their advice is in your best interests or theirs, there is no conflict of interest with Mike. He is a trusted fiduciary who has gone above and beyond for us time and time again. He is down to earth and doesn't speak in financial jargon that so many other financial advisors do. He speaks 'plain English' and answers all our questions in understandable language that anyone can relate to regardless of their level of financial expertise. He's reliable in answering emails and phone calls quickly and doesn't leave you hanging. That's something we lacked when working with another advisor at a different firm many years ago, which is why we switched to Yardley Wealth. Between Mike's knowledge and experience, accessibility and friendly personality we feel confident in him and Yardley Wealth and are very happy to be working with him. Highly recommend!

Ellen S.Via Google Reviews

*All testimonials are from current clients who have not been compensated.

Yardley Wealth Management

Listen to Founder and CEO Michael Garry as he joins Marie Swift to discuss how "Anything is Possible" even in such uncertain times.

In Episode #5 of Mindset Mastery, “Anything is Possible”, Marie Swift speaks with Michael Garry, CFP®, AIF®, MBA/JD, Founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that provides financial planning, retirement planning and investment management services to approximately 120 clients.

In a nutshell: Michael Garry built his independent financial advisory firm from zero to $100 Million AUM through sheer grit and determination. He tells us how he is keeping in touch and building rapport with clients as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, how he keeps his mindset strong as we continue to “walk through the wind”, and why he decided to take on the Ironman challenge (Bonus: how the financial planning process is similar to participating in an Ironman event). Listen in as Michael shares his story and encourages us to keep our mental focus sharp, especially during these trying times.

Michael Garry, owner of Yardley Wealth Management, stands confidently in a dark blue blazer paired with tan dress pants and a brown belt. He wears a light blue checkered shirt over a buttoned-up white cotton shirt, smiling with hands in pockets. PNG image with transparent background.

Michael J. Garry, Esquire, CFP®, MBA


You cannot beat the markets by guessing tomorrow’s news.

A structured investment approach will add value with a higher reliability and confidence level than one based on guessing.

We diversify across global markets based on our clients’ situations and needs, buying funds that are low-cost, tax-efficient and have a proven track record of success.


We are fiduciaries, all the time.

We use a fiduciary process to create your plan and build your investment portfolio using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds from Avantis, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, iShares, and other funds that make the grade.

We monitor your investments to make sure they stay aligned with your needs and goals. We make the necessary changes, so you don’t have to.

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Let’s face it—financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There’s more information than you can possibly sort through, and too many voices telling you what to do with it.

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Based on 35 reviews
Randy H
Randy H
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Yardley Wealth Management has proved to be a very competent and professional organization to my husband and I. They make themselves available, listen to our needs, and follow through quickly and transparently. I feel confident putting my future in their hands. As a side note, everyone in the office is approachable and dependable. You won't be sorry!
jim bowker
jim bowker
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I am so pleased with Yardley Wealth. I have spent years not moving forward on what I knew had to be done to have peace of mind. Yardley Wealth has an incredible staff! They are knowledgeable, patient, did I say knowledge? Without a doubt!! They work as a team, never make you feel stupid, and will explain everything step by step, and if needed do it again. I go into this new year with confidence that my affairs are in order. Please give a call to Mike. You will not regret it. Mike is a Professional! He will make you feel at ease the moment you make that first phone call! I hope you do! Carol Bowker
Neil Milgram
Neil Milgram
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After having dealt with an advisor who did not communicate and failed to abide by our wishes, resulting in limited, if any growth, we were given Michael Garry and Yardley Wealth Management as a group to review and consider.. One meeting with Michael was all it took to move our accounts over. We have been with Yardley Wealth Management for quite a few years now, and have not regretted our decision. Their management of our portfolio, which is evident from its growth over the years, along with their accessibility, straight forwardness, and detailed answers to any questions, make them a well rounded organization that we continue to enjoy and prosper from.
Rosemary Tierney
Rosemary Tierney
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
For the last twelve years my sister, Rosemary Tierney, has relied on the sage advice of Michael Garry, CEO of Yardley Wealth Management. She has asked my assistance in submitting this review. During this period, Michael has aided her in making financial decisions through his key investment advice and guided her in maintaining a healthy investment portfolio. Michael's advice has been key in helping her to determine what needed to be done during a sometimes volatile climate. His credentials and expertise are further demonstrated through his authorship of the book, A Smart Person's Guide to Financial Planning & Investments, a key tool in helping anyone understand the world of finance. According to several discussions with my sister, she related that Michael has been her "go to" person, providing the confidence she needed to make decisions about her portfolio. The key words in many relationships are confidence and trust. Rosemary feels that Michael has earned both during this period of working with him. He has indeed gained her confidence and trust, and she offers praise and thanks for his assistance in guiding her through this financial journey. -- Rosemary Tierney with Denis Smith
Anne Biggs
Anne Biggs
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I’m so happy with this company! Mike and his smart, friendly staff—lots of women!!—made me feel at home immediately. My confidence in all of them has grown from there. In fact, my daughter and her husband have joined me as clients of YWM and are as pleased with the capabilities, services and personalities as I am. Knowledgeable, confident, open and approachable, quick with responses to every question and concern. Mike’s also an attorney, which enriches his background—it’s great to have all that experience available to me. I love knowing that this team is working on my behalf, my own experts answering all my questions and advising me, so I don’t have to worry about it. I feel as though I’ve found “my place” with Mike and his team. (I also really like Mike’s occasional emails addressing common concerns or something that’s popped up in the news. Clever and very readable!)
Fred Van Sickle
Fred Van Sickle
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Susan and I have worked with Mike since he began his business many years ago. He has been a constant as we built our financial future, and we are grateful for his sound and practical advice. Our adult children are now working with him!
Linda Fi
Linda Fi
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I highly recommend Yardley Wealth Management. Mike transformed my previous advisor's fee heavy portfolio into one that kept my best interests in mind. Mike is easy to talk to and takes the time to explain complicated information. Plus, Mike and his team show concern for me as a person. I trust Yardley Wealth Management with my finances.
Nancy Burdette
Nancy Burdette
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Mike and staff are amazing! So knowledgeable, always willing to share and educate. Mike is authentic, down to earth, as well as patient in translating financial information into easy to understand terms. Since handing over my finances to Mike, my mind is at ease knowing he’s looking out for my best interests. Thanks, Mike! So glad I was listening when you were the guest financial expert on Wharton Business radio several years ago..
Bart Minsky
Bart Minsky
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
My wife and I have been with Mike Garry and the YWM team for several years. They helped us consolidate our highly varied and unmanaged investment accounts into a single user-friendly portfolio that they actively manage according to our changing needs. We feel extremely safe, comfortable, and trusting of the YWM team.