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The Smart Person’s Guide to Financial Planning & Investments: A Simple and Straightforward Approach to Understanding Your Personal Finances

For most of us, financial planning is an intimidating and overwhelming subject. There are so many elements to consider and so much information from a seemingly endless sea of voices. And with advancements like robo-advisors, cryptocurrency, and investment apps added to the mix, it can feel impossible to keep up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could cut through the confusion to finally feel confident and in control of your finances? It’s time to get smart about your money management.

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Independent Financial Planning

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner

Let’s face it—financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There’s more information than you can possibly sort through, and too many voices telling you what to do with it.

Feeling lost? You’re not the only one—but you don’t have to navigate the wilds of financial planning alone.

The right financial advisor is the best ally you can have as you build wealth and secure your future. But how do you know who to choose?

Independent Financial Planning walks you step-by-step through the process of finding and choosing the right financial advisor. If you’re ready to take control of your financial future and start planning for success, you need this straightforward, user-friendly, and no-nonsense guide.

You’ll learn how to find and vet financial advisors, discover the six steps to financial planning, and determine which financial products best suit your needs. And you’ll find out how to distinguish between a financial advisor and a salesman—and why that distinction can make a huge difference in your financial security.

Comprehensive but accessible, Independent Financial Planning will show you how to find an advisor who can meet you where you’re at financially—and understand where it is you want to go. Whether you’re planning for retirement or planning to travel the world, Independent Financial Planning is the only guide you’ll need to finding the best financial advisor for your needs.

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Meet The Author

Let’s face it-financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There’s more information than you can sort through and too many voices telling you what to do. That’s why Michael Garry has dedicated his career to spreading financial security and peace of mind by providing leading-edge wealth management and financial education. Michael Garry built his independent financial advisory firm from zero to over $100 Million in Assets Under Management (AUM) through grit and determination.

Michael earned a B.S. and an MBA in Finance from Saint Joseph’s University and a law degree (J.D.) from the Widener University School of Law, where he concentrated in tax, securities, and estate planning.

Michael began his career as an intern with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, and he was admitted to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Bars. Michael served as a practicing attorney for two Philadelphia law firms before becoming a financial advisor. Michael honed his financial management skills by working with Merrill Lynch and then becoming vice-president and Chief Compliance Officer at Global Investment Management, overseeing a 25-year old Registered Investment Advisory firm’s operations and legal compliance.

In the relentless pursuit of excellence, in February of 2006, Michael founded Yardley Wealth Management, LLC, using his core principles to serve his clients better. Starting the firm has allowed Michael to consistently put your success at the forefront of everything he does. At Yardley Wealth Management, Michael applies his financial planning expertise, financial industry knowledge, and legal background to provide a seamless, thoughtful approach to wealth management.

“If you're ready to take control and start planning for success, you need our straightforward, friendly, no-nonsense financial firm in your corner!”

Michael J. GarryEsquire, CFP®, MBA | Founder & CEO