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Maureen Donahue, CFP®, stands confidently at the entrance of Yardley Wealth Management, located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She's wearing a black blazer with a red blouse, standing against a dark blue door with a white frame. Sporting glasses, her light brown hair frames her face, and she greets visitors with a big smile. As an esteemed employee of the firm, her expertise and dedication reflect the commitment to excellence upheld by Yardley Wealth Management.

Maureen Donahue
Financial Advisor and CFP®


Maureen is a local to the area. She attended Drexel University for undergrad and Northeastern for her graduate education. Nevertheless, city life was never a good fit for this competitive cyclist who enjoys training rides on the country roads, which lead her move to Bucks County. She is passionate about sharing her sport with the community by helps out at the local bike shop.
During her race career, Maureen served as her team’s domestique. Her job is to guide the team’s lead racer during competition to ensure the leader is protected and prepared for the race challenges. In many ways, she relates this role to her position as a financial advisor, caring for clients as a financial domestique. Don’t worry – this does not mean she is going to take you on a ride! Rather, she is prepared to guide you through the wealth planning process.

Instead of brakes and pedals, Maureen uses wealth management experience that was developed from her time Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, where her advisory team worked with wealthy families and institutions all over the country. After working with large national wealth advisory firms, she decided to join Yardley because of our firm’s culture and personal approach to wealth management. She continues to develop her wealth management skills through education opportunities in the national RIA organizations NAPFA and FPA.
When she’s not cycling or working with her clients, Maureen enjoys the attending the Philadelphia Ballet, baking for friends and family, and knitting at the local yarn shop.