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Better Investing Insights: Why More Information Isn’t Always Better

Better Investing Insights: Why More Information Isn’t Always Better


Welcome to another insightful episode of the Not Just Numbers Podcast, where we provide better-investing insights through honest conversations about financial planning and investing. In this 14th episode, Madison Demora and Mike Garry dive into the complexities of investing with Scott Burney from Vault Brewing Company. These better investing insights will help you understand why more information isn’t always better.

The Paradox of Information in Investing

In a world where information is readily available at our fingertips, it’s easy to assume that more information leads to better investing insights. However, an interesting article titled “Ignorance Really is Bliss When it Comes to Investing” by Spencer Jakab suggests otherwise. The article highlights that the excessive amount of data available to traders and investors can sometimes be detrimental. For example, an experiment from 1973 showed that professional handicappers’ accuracy in predicting horse race outcomes didn’t improve with more information, although their confidence increased. This provides key better investing insights into the complexities of handling information.

The Influence of Social Media and Confirmation Bias

Social media and online communities play a significant role in shaping investing decisions. The article discusses the psychological bias known as confirmation bias, where investors seek out information that supports their existing beliefs. This bias can lead to overconfidence and riskier investment decisions. It’s important for investors to be aware of this bias and strive to see both the pros and cons of their investments to make balanced decisions. These better investing insights can help investors navigate the pitfalls of information overload.

Understanding Myopic Loss Aversion

Another critical concept discussed in the podcast is myopic loss aversion. This occurs when investors focus too much on short-term losses and react by trading more frequently, which can harm their overall returns. Studies have shown that people who trade more often tend to have worse performance compared to those who trade less. The key takeaway here is to focus on long-term goals rather than getting swayed by short-term market fluctuations. These better investing insights emphasize the importance of a long-term perspective.

Key Takeaway: Focus on Key Factors

The main message from the article is that more information does not necessarily lead to better investing insights. Instead, it’s better to focus on a few key factors in a systematic way rather than getting overwhelmed by excessive information. Overloading on information can lead to overconfidence and riskier bets, which may not align with an investor’s financial plan. These better investing insights underline the importance of strategic focus.

Meet Scott Burney from Vault Brewing Company

In this episode, we also had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Burney, the managing partner of Vault Brewing Company in Yardley. Scott shared his journey from finance and asset management to managing a successful brewing company with multiple locations. His transition highlights the importance of adaptability and balancing work with life. These better investing insights from Scott provide a unique perspective on managing diverse ventures.

The Challenges and Rewards of Managing Multiple Businesses

Scott discussed the day-to-day challenges of managing five different restaurants and a brewery, highlighting the importance of good management and finding reliable employees. Despite the busy schedule, he finds it rewarding to work with enthusiastic and hardworking individuals. These better investing insights can be applied to business management as well.

Impact of the Pandemic on Business

The pandemic significantly impacted Vault Brewing Company, as it did for many businesses. Scott and his team had to quickly adapt to new regulations and shift to takeout services. Their ability to expand capacity and adapt quickly helped them thrive during these challenging times. These better investing insights reveal the importance of resilience and adaptability.

The Importance of Good Reviews

Scott emphasized the importance of managing online reviews and maintaining a positive presence on social media. Good reviews can significantly impact a business, and it’s essential to address any issues promptly and professionally. These better investing insights highlight the importance of reputation management.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self, Scott mentioned the importance of taking some time off to enjoy life before diving into work. Balancing work and life is crucial for long-term success and happiness. These better investing insights emphasize the value of a balanced approach to career and personal life.


In conclusion, having more information doesn’t necessarily lead to better investing insights. It’s crucial to focus on key factors systematically and avoid getting overwhelmed by excessive data. Scott Burney’s journey from finance to managing a successful brewing company highlights the importance of adaptability and the value of balancing work and life. For more insights and honest conversations about investing, follow the Not Just Numbers Podcast.

For more information on Yardley Wealth Management or Yardley Estate Planning, visit our website at and Follow us on social media at Yardley Wealth Management. This podcast has been produced by Madison Demora and Mike Garry with technical and artistic help from Poe Productions.

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